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The Benefits of Van Racking to Insurance

Insuring your van is incredibly important, particularly if you have a lot of valuable equipment on board.

However, van racking can also have a massive impact on your insurance premiums and save you money in the long run.

But why?

On the biggest scale, organising and storing tools efficiently and safely means you may be able to get away with purchasing a smaller van than you were previously using. This alone will save you money as smaller vehicles are generally cheaper to run and keep on the road.

Fitting van racking can also prevent any damage in transit when tools and equipment are all secured. This would reduce your insurance on this machinery.

Some insurance companies will reduce their quote if you have racking installed. This is because a lot of insurance premiums are calculated on risk, and installing racking shows that you are committed to taking care of the vehicle and reduces said risk. The improved safety of vans with racking installed can reduce premiums between an average of 5-10%.

When designing your van racking, you can often choose to opt for improved security features. Van racking offers the opportunity to add locks to your individual storage compartments, which helps with prevention of theft and therefore insurance costs.

Although increased security measures can add to the value of the van, the added benefits to your van’s security can see your insurance premiums go down too.

Other ways to lower the cost of your insurance include:

  • Adding signage to your van – this can help make your van more identifiable and deter thieves.
  • Name all of your drivers individually – instead of opting for ‘any driver’ cover, you can name each individual driver and this will often see your costs go down.
  • Look at storing your van securely – again this reduces the risk involved with your van and can result in lower premiums.

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